Choosing the perfect yoga pants for men and women

Yoga is an exercise for both men and women, which has gained popularity over the years. As men and women flex their muscles in the gym and other various places, they need specific garments that can bring comfort and at the same time ensure efficiency. There are lots of types of yoga garments but our focus is on pants, which can be worn by both men and women. 

The following guidelines should be useful when choosing your yoga pants:

Consider the length of your pants

The length is very important when choosing a yoga pant. When practicing yoga your body is going to be subjected to motions and poses that require you to have a pant that gives you comfort. Some people prefer their pants to reach a particular length, maybe below their knee. There are others who love shorts and really look great in them. When making your choice, you also need to consider the climatic conditions of your area. For women, leggings can serve as pants, being very classy at the same time. 

Consider the type of yoga you practice

Many types of yoga require different types of pants as you practice. For example, if you practice gentle yoga you may only need simple pants since this practice is not so vigorous. On the other hand, if you practice hot yoga then you may have to consider a pant that can absorb the sweat and make you feel comfortable in the heat, preferably a pair of shorts.

Consider the fabric of your pants

Most yoga pants are made of cotton and other synthetic materials like spandex, or a blend of synthetic and cotton. When choosing the fabric you may consider one that is soft and stretchy since you are going to stretch and bend your body as you practice yoga. The cotton-made pants will absorb more sweat than the synthetic ones. However, pants made from synthetic fibers give you more stretch and have moisture-wicking properties. Hence, synthetic materials are the best since they give you room for air circulation and dry quicker than cotton. 

Look for gusset features

Gussets are a very familiar feature in most pants. They are designed to reduce the pressure exerted around certain body areas and make you more comfortable as you perform yoga. Gussets also give you more motion range compared to simple pants that do not have this feature and they make your pants more durable.

Consider the waistband of your pants

As you choose your pants, you should look at how high the waistband goes. You should pick a pant that has a waistband, which coincides with your waistline that is too high or too low. This is because you will be doing certain poses in your yoga sessions, which need no hindrance at all. If the waistband material is too thick it can also prevent you from doing yoga bends.


As you go out to choose your yoga pants, take into consideration the above guidelines so that you get a very enjoyable experience with your yoga pants.

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