Gifts for Guys

Your lover has a birthday coming up, or you simply want to surprise him with a thoughtful present. He does it all the time for you, and if you’re anything like me, it leaves you with an uneasy feeling that you should definitely repay him somehow. 

From what I know from experience, guys are not as into gifts as they are surprises. It’s more important how you present the gift than what he’s actually getting. But still, here are some of my favorite picks. Think of their lifestyle and things that they wish to have but wouldn’t buy for themselves.

  • Buy him a T-shirt. The kind that you know he’s going to wear. Plus, every time he does, he’s literally going to wear you. Cute, right?
  • Get him a big boy’s bag. Like a women’s purse, just men’s version or a duffel bag. I’m sure he wouldn’t normally admit that he needs it, but he actually does. Instead of throwing things into your purse, he can now carry his things, and even some of yours, too.
  • Maybe he’s the athletic type, and a sport’s watch is just a thing on his wish list. Who doesn’t love a good sweat session? Those are that much better when you have control over how hard you’re working. Maybe he needs a daily reminder to move a little. Or when he does move, to slow things down and not overburden his body either. 
  • Buy him a pair of speakers. Listening to music or your favorite podcast sounds much nicer when the sound quality is better—just saying. From my experience, electronics, in most instances, hit home with men.
  • Even get him a pair of slippers. You’ll let him know that you want to keep him around for a while. 
  • Or what I like most is thinking of going places: you, him, and a lot of pleasure. Get him a travel kit for the vacation where he can keep all his toiletries neatly organized. 
  • To add one up, buy him a flannel robe. I don’t think men think of those. While they secretly love to lounge around on the weekends. It is the perfect attire to get you to brunch. While you possibly dance around in matching ones, preparing that all so needed weekend meal with all types of fruit and mimosas included.
  • Regardless of everything I suggested before, my very favorite gift is in line with any of the previous ones—and that is a surprise weekend getaway trip. Maybe you can pair a sport’s game or his favorite band in concert on that same weekend as well. Look into your options. I’m sure there are plenty.

I know that buying for your significant other might be a tough cookie to break, but listening to them might immensely improve your selection. If you can’t do anything else, ask them what they would like and, on the day, present it in a fun and playful manner. At the end of the day, it is probably not so much about the present, as it is about the person that gives it to them and the presentation you make for the person closest to your heart.

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