Plow Pose Tips, Pros & Cons

The plow pose works great when it comes to opening your back, neck, and shoulders. If you stay all day in a chair behind a desk, this is the perfect method to release tension from your tight body. Below, you will discover some useful tips that will help you perfect your plow pose. Also, we have gathered both pros and cons of this asana. 

 Provide Support for Your Shoulder

No matter how experienced you are, it is always a good idea to use some folded or rolled blankets beneath your shoulder area for a full support. However, you must place your neck and head off the blanket in order to prevent injuries due to a lot of pressure on your spine. 

 Focus on Your Breathing

You must breathe slowly and be in control during the entire pose. I know it can be challenging to breathe when you sit in this position especially if you are a larger-chested woman or you have very tight shoulders. Whatever you do, try not to give up. 

Don’t Stress too Much About Your Feet

If you don’t have enough experience and practice, you might not perform the plow pose perfectly from the first try. Just swing both legs over your head and touch the floor with your toe tips for a better support and balance. Don’t fret if you cannot reach down to the floor. Instead, you can use a chair and place your toes on it. This way, you will not have to go all the way down to the ground. 

Rotate Your Arms Externally

Theoretically, during the plow pose, your arms must be extended in the opposite direction of your rolled legs. Also, you should hold your palms together. However, if you find that position to be too challenging and if you feel like you’re losing your balance, you can always rest your arms by your torso’s sides. Furthermore, you can rotate your arm muscles externally. This will give you a solid and stable foundation. In other words, you will not risk rolling over or falling down from the pose. 

Advantages of the Plow Pose

Strengthens your spine muscles while also loosening any tension you might have in your upper back, neck, and shoulders areas

Provides an incredible sensation of calmness and relieves stress and anxiety

Fuels your energy level

Stimulates your throat chakra, which is also called the energy point of your body

Improves thyroid gland function

Strengthens your immunity system

Engages the abdominal muscles; this leads to a more balanced hormonal activity. This might also help those who suffer from diabetes.

Disadvantages of the Plow Pose

It puts the body in an awkward position which some people might find uncomfortable and too challenging.

There is a risk of overstretching your neck especially if you do it incorrectly. So, make sure not to pull your shoulders far away from your ears.

Unlike other yoga poses, the plow asana requires props such as blankets.

It is not suited for beginners.

Summing It Up

The plow pose will fold your body over your head, which offers a lot of health benefits. Your mind will calm down, and your spine muscles will stretch and strengthen. Be careful to do it the proper way so that you don’t put too much pressure on your neck or cervical spine.

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