Reality is Your Mirror

Perhaps one of the chapters in Deepak Chopra’s Book of Secrets that delivers more insight is Chapter Two: The World Is in You. This section looks into one of science’s greatest frustrations; the fact that they cannot prove the existence of the material world we perceive. All they have managed to tap into are a series of impulses, electrical charges and chemical reactions orchestrating within our brain, and therefore, enough proof to shake the very basis of materialism. Because as Chopra states, “The only reason that rocks are solid is that the brain registers a flurry of electrical signals as touch. The only reason the sun shines is that the brain registers another flurry of electrical signals as sight” (Chopra, D., 2004).

In other words what we are currently perceiving as a screen is nothing else but an energy field vibrating at a certain frequency that our brain ends up decoding or perceiving in a certain specific way. At its core, it is far from being a plastic solid device that allows us to read or write words down.  

But what may seem to be a failure for neuroscientists and science as a whole is actually the core of spirituality. It is a wonderful truth that does not only allow us to see how we are the creators of our own reality but also, how intrinsically connected we are with one another. We seem to be not only fundamentally linked to other human beings, but to every living creature, every planet, every star and everything we see and even everything we do not see around us.   

Chopra calls this “one reality”, a truth that in previous past times was fully recognized and accepted by our ancestors and that was later replaced by a “dual reality” led by the ego to the point of nearly being forgotten. This dual reality is also known as “the pursuit of pleasure, the bondage of karma, and (if we resort to a religious vocabulary) the banishment from paradise” (Chopra, D., 2004). Rather than making us feel like a part of a magnificent silent intelligence, dual reality makes us feel segregated and alone instead. 

This chapter pushes us to recognize ourselves as co-creators of everything around us, including that of what happens to us. In brief, it opens us up to a set of new beliefs such as the following:

1. All of what I experience is a reflection of myself.

2. My life is a part of all other lives. 

3. I do not have the need to control anyone or anything except for myself.

Chopra, D. The Book of Secrets. New York, Three Rivers Press, 2004. Print.

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